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Baxter County  2003 Millage Rates  
For collection in 2004
    General .8
    Road 2.7
    Library 1.0
    ASU-MH 2.0
          Total County Millage 6.5
Incorporated Cities
    Big Flat 3.3
    Briarcliff 5.0
    Cotter General
          Voluntary Fire
    Gassville General 4.5
    Lakeview General 3.0
    Mountain Home          2.0
    Norfork General
          Voluntary Street
    Salesville       5.0
County School Districts
    District 9 (Mountain Home) 29.21
    District 60 (Cotter) 32.67
    District 61 (Norfork) 31.89
Neighboring County School Districts
The following school district rates are given because some children living in areas of the county far from the Mountain Home, Cotter and Norfork school districts are assigned to other districts closer to them. 
    District 50 (Calico Rock) 43.00
    District 15 (Viola)  29.82
    District 1 (Timbo) 26.50
    District 30 (Mountain View) 28.91
Fire Protection Districts
    Buford 5.0
    Clarkridge 5.0
    Cotter - Gassville Rural 3.0
    101-Gamaliel 5.0
    Grover Township 3.0
    Hand Cove 5.0
    Henderson 5.0
    Lone Rock 5.0
    Midway 5.0
    Mountain Home Rural 3.0
    Norfork 5.0
    Northeast Lakeside 3.5
    Rodney 5.0
    Tracy 5.0


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State Taxes

State Income Taxes
     Arkansas individual income tax is graduated, up to 7 percent at the $25,000 income level. Arkansas corporate income tax is also graduated, up to 6.5%. Visit the
Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration for more information about Arkansas taxes.

State Sales Taxes
     Arkansas Sales & Use tax is 5.125%. County and cities may also enact local option sales taxes.

Real Estate Taxes
     Real property is assessed at 20% of its fair market value, and total real estate taxes are based on this assessment. To calculate the real estate taxes in a particular city, you must add the total county millage rates to the city, school district, and fire protection district millage rates. 

     For instance, if the property is valued at $50,000, it is assessed at $10,000. Total millages for Cotter would be 48.17 (6.5 + 9 + 32.67), and total taxes on the property would be $481.70. 


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