What You Should Know About Claircognizance

There is a spiritual concept by the name of claircognizance that is used by many practitioners. This is very similar to these psychic powers that you may have also heard of. It is referred to as an intuitive sense, or it could be called a sixth sense, of which there are four that are well known. The other three are called clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance. Claircognizance is referred to as clear knowing. It is a concept that refers to the fact that some people just know information without any reason. It is called a psychic sense, one that is metaphysical in origin. It is a way of knowing things about people that you shouldn’t, a natural gift that many people have.

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The Benefits Of Claircognizance

In more common circles, this might be referred to as following your gut. It may also be referred to as instinct. The primary difference is that gut feelings are not necessarily related to someone else. They are typically feelings that you will have when you are making your own decisions. This form of intuition is something that will come to the individual that is reading another person. It is very common when you are working with a clairvoyant that is going to know things about a person that has passed on. The primary benefit is that if you are counseling someone, you might have impressions or visions of things that are in their future. Additionally, you will know things about them right now that will give credence to the visions that you see about the choices they should make.

Does Everybody Have This Ability?

As with all psychic gifts, not everyone is going to have them all. Some people do not have any, but that’s typically because they are closed minded. They may believe that all of this talk of psychic abilities does not have any basis in reality or scientific proof. These are individuals that need empirical definitions which is simply not possible when dealing with psychic concepts.

If you do have this ability, you may find it very useful. For example, you may call someone and tell them that they should not go to a certain location on a particular day. This may end up being the thing that saves their life, and people do this all the time. It is very common with people that know who is calling them on the phone before they pick it up. If you have had any of these experiences, then it is likely that you have the gift of claircognizance, one of the many psychic abilities that most of us have.… Read the rest

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