A Simple Review Of Carbonite Cloud Backup Service

the futuer of cloud storageCarbonite is an easy to use cloud information backup system. While it offers a number of advanced features, it’s designed to be used by anyone who owns a computer. The basics of how cloud computing works are rather straight forward. You select data, and then ship it over the internet to another data storage device. This is referred to as “the cloud”. It’s referred to this way because it’s a system of multiple data servers, all designed to make multiple backup copies of your information. Since it’s present on a server accessible via the internet, you can access your information from any place where you can connect. How secure the data is will depend on a number of factors, which means that not every cloud service is going to be a good choice.

That said, there’s a difference between cloud backup and cloud storage. With cloud storage, you select specific files, backing them up one at a time. There are a number of free cloud storage services. These are poorly secured, generally accessed easily by anyone who has only a little determination. As if that wasn’t enough, you still have to upload files one at a time. Cloud backup is far more advanced and happens far more quickly. It transfers all the data on a computer. Every single last file on your computer will be saved and backed up on the server. Unfortunately, cloud backup generally costs money, where as cloud storage can often be accessed for free.

This brings us back to Carbonite, a cloud backup system . It’s intended to be versatile enough to be used by anyone, whether they’re ordinary computer users or government contractors. Accidents happen, no matter how careful you try to be. This means that it pays to be safe, which means a greater number of people are switching to cloud backup systems every day. Carbonite offers more than simple data security, however. Carbonite also entices potential customers by offering virus protection on any files it stores. That way, you won’t accidentally re-install the virus that just wiped out your computer when you try to restore your files. Not every cloud backup service offers virus protection, but Carbonite is committed to ensuring the safety of their clients’ data.

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Carbonite also offers encryption services, utilizing the most advanced systems on the civilian market. Advanced Encryption Standard is the most recent civilian encryption system, which until recently was kept classified and solely for use in government systems. Now, civilians can get access to this amazing technology. While the US Government now has even more advanced encryption systems, AES works incredibly well and is utilized only by the best companies in the world.

Carbonite’s services can be counted among the most reasonably priced and most reliable in the entire world. There are a huge variety of plans to meet your individual needs, starting at only 59.99 USD for one year. It doesn’t matter what kind of storage, protection, and encryption services you want, Carbonite has a plan that offers what you need at a price you can afford. Many other cloud backup services might charge twice to three times as much as Carbonite for the same services, so it’s clear that Carbonite is offering a fantastic value for the money.